Termite inspection reports and how to interpret them

How to interpret your termite inspection report

Effective iguana control strategies

Problems caused by iguanas in South Florida and how to control them

Role of cornicles in aphids

Role of aphid’s cornicle in defense, honeydew secretion, and releasing alarm pheromones. Confusions in literature about the role of the cornicles.

Problems caused by ants

Problems caused by ants such as nuisance, damaging stored food, protecting sap-feedings insects, stinging people and pets, attacking beehives, making . . .

Florida herbicide applicator's license

Herbicide applicators in Florida must be licensed under one of the license categories approved by Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Servi . . .

Introduction to the common bed bug biology and management

Bed bugs origin, morphology, reproduction, blood feeding behavior, and how to manage them.