Scientific termite control consultation

Just got your termite inspection report and not sure how to interpret it? We are here to help. Termite inspection reports should not be taken lightly. A house heavily damaged by termites can pose great risks to the tenants and can be extremely costly to repair. Let us help you analyze your termite inspection report and figure out the best course of action for managing termites and wood replacement.

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Unfortunately, termite inspection reports are not always easy to understand or helpful to buyers and sellers. Different termites have different biology and behave differently. Termite reports are useful tools to know about any termite damage and their general whereabouts. However, these reports don’t provide anything on the biology of the termite species. Furthermore, one termite species can be mistaken for another species. Other times, sellers and buyers can get confused about the necessity of a particular treatment and may wonder about the reason behind a specific recommended treatment method. Read more about challenges interpreting a termite inspection report here: Link

Our consultation service can answer the following questions during a phone or video call, or via email:

  • Is the infestation in my house severe, based on my termite report?
  • Do I really need to replace all the damaged wood to protect my home?
  • What are the main types of termites and how their biology differs from each other?
  • What are the most effective ways to treat termite infestations in my current or future home?
  • How did termites get into my property in the first place?
  • How often do I need to treat for termites?
  • What if the previous owner never treated for termites?
  • How to protect my house against future termite invasions?
  • Drywood termites
    • Fumigation
    • What is structural fumigation and how it is done?
      • Is it necessary to fumigate my current or future house? -Is fumigation safe and what are the potential risks? -Is fumigation the same as using bug bombs? -Is whole-structure fumigation effective? -For how long fumigation will protect my house?
    • Heat treatment -What is heat treatment and how it is different from fumigation?
    • Localized treatments
      • What is a local termite treatment?
      • Is it necessary to do local termite treatment?
      • Are local treatments for termites effective?
      • What chemicals and products are commonly used for local treatment of termites?
      • For how long local treatment of termites will protect my house?
      • Are there any health and environmental risks when treating termites locally?
  • Subterranean termites
    • Liquid insecticide treatment
      • Common active ingredients and products
      • Are liquid termite products effective?
      • For how long liquid termiticides will protect my house?
      • What are the application methods for liquid termiticides?
    • Bait stations
      • What is a termite bait station?
      • What are the active ingredients in termite bait stations?
      • Is termite baiting generally effective?
      • How termite baiting will protect my house?
  • Formosan subterranean termite (FST)
    • What are Formosan subterranean termites?
    • Why FST is so destructive?
    • What is the difference between aerial vs. subterranean colonies?
    • Do FSTs damage live trees?
    • What are the best options for treating FSTs?

Terms and conditions:

By purchasing this service, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

• This consultation service is provided by a termite researcher who is specialized in termites and termite management. However, Pomerix Pest Solutions is not a structural pest control company or a structural contractor and will not issue or modify your termite inspection report. Instead, we will review your inspection reports, and any photos taken by you and your pest control company and will provide you with research-grade information on the biology and management of the termites affecting your current or future property.

• The information provided to you by us is based on the scientific literature on each termite species.

• We do not provide any guarantees on the integrity of houses whose termite inspection report is sent to us. Buyers and sellers are encouraged to speak to a civil engineer specialized in evaluating the structural integrity of houses.